Centre for Socio-Legal Studies Seminar: Beastly Identification: conservationist legal regimes and documents in the government of big cats in India

Conveners: The Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Faculty of Law

Speaker: Nayanika Mathur (CSASP/OSGA)

Nayanika Mathur is an anthropologist with an area interest in South Asia and the Himalaya. Her work sits at the intersection of legal, political, and environmental anthropology. She is the author of ‘Paper Tiger: Law, bureaucracy and the developmental state in Himalayan India’ (Cambridge studies in Law and Society, 2016) that won the Sharon Stephens Prize for best first ethnography by the American Ethnological Society (AES). Her new book, ‘Crooked Cats: Beastly Encounters in the Anthropocene’ is forthcoming in early 2021 with the University of Chicago Press. Crooked Cats retells the story of big cats that make prey of humans in the light of the climate crisis.


To join remotely via Zoom please email admin@csls.ox.ac.uk by 10am on the day.