Graduate Workshop: New Directions in Studies of Pakistan: Politics, Culture, & History

pakistan monument

Conveners: Polly O'Hanlon, Mahvish Ahmad and Arif Naveed

Studies of Pakistan have long been dominated by macro-political or security-centric lenses. While a new generation of scholars have interrogated these frames, and offered new and innovative ways of looking at Pakistan, many academic institutions have yet to fully integrate, and provide a forum, for such perspectives in teaching and research on Pakistan.

This workshop, featuring papers by graduate students at the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and the School of Oriental and African Studies, aims to provide a dedicated space to innovative approaches to the study of Pakistan. The purpose is to provide graduate students (Doctoral and Masters’ students) with a forum in which to share new scholarship and engage in discussion with peers in other institutions working on Pakistan, and senior scholars of South Asia.

NB This event is now sold out.


Further Information

Organised by Critical Pakistan at Cambridge, Centre of South Asia Studies, University of Cambridge; St Antony’s, SIAS and Oriental Studies, University of Oxford; Centre for the Study of Pakistan at SOAS. If you have any questions, please feel free to email any of the following: University of Oxford: Polly O’Hanlon |; University of Cambridge: Mahvish Ahmad | / Arif Naveed |