Panel Discussion: On the Margins of Justice: Gender, Power and Non-State Justice in India and Pakistan

speakers 1 march

Convener: Dr George Kunnath

Speakers: Dr Nafisa Shah, Dr George Kunnath, Prof Fernanda Pirie (Chair)


Dr Nafisa Shah

Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan

Dr Shah, drawing on her research in Upper Sindh, Pakistan, discusses the connections between Pakistani state law and customary practices of honour based violence. She examines how local, historical and modern power dynamics are implicated in reshaping such practices.

For further information about Dr Shah please see pdf attached.


Dr George Kunnath

Lecturer in Modern Indian Studies

Dr Kunnath discusses the non-state mechanisms of settling disputes in India primarily associated with caste/tribal panchayats(councils), Maoist people’s courts, and semi-state institutions of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). He examines the dispute processing within these systems with particular reference to access to justice for women, lower castes and marginalised communities.


Chair: Professor Fernanda Pirie

Professor of the Anthropology of Law

Further Information

This event is jointly sponsored by the South Asia Research Cluster (SARC), Wolfson College, and the Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme (CSASP). For further information please contact