SARC Book Launch: Salvation In Indian Philosophy (Ionut Moise)

Convener: Maryam Aslany (Wolfson College, Oxford)

Speaker: Dr Inout Moise (Wolfson College, Oxford)

Synopsis: Philosophy could be defined as the meaning behind an social and anti-social action. A recently published book ('Salvation in Indian Philosophy: Perfection and Simplicity for Vaisesika') by Ionut Moise raises a simple but fundamental question, as to the relevance of the classical and medieval texts for modern India. Fortunately, in India, there has never been a radical distinction between the past and present, between ancient and modern, between the secular and the religious. The system with which this book is primarily concerned is a 'philosophical pluralism' and by looking into the doctrine of liberation (salvation) the author discusses the importance of 'liberation', 'liberalisation', 'pluralism' and 'individuation' in philosophy, religion and social science, which all have a bearing upon an increasingly insecure and parochial world.

Refreshments provided.

Open to all.