South Asian Political Thought Discussion Group Seminar: A Theory of Unfixed Land

Speaker: Dr Nikita Sud

We're pleased to invite you to the third seminar of the South Asian Political Thought Discussion Group this term.

We'll be joined by Dr Nikita Sud (University of Oxford). Dr Sud’s research focuses on the politics of development, the neo-liberal transformation of postcolonial states and governance, and the political sociology and political economy of contemporary India.

Her recent work has been on the Indian state, in particular, its engagement with development as an idea and in practice; its interaction with minorities based on gender, caste and religion; and the reinvention rather than recession of this entity under economic liberalisation.

She is currently exploring the liberalisation of land in contemporary India. The great land grab, while being politically fraught, forms the infrastructural base of the market economy. Land is a window into the many contests, including those over the environment, that define the ‘new India’.

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Step-free access is available at the Manor Road Building.