Wolfson SARC Event: The Health System of India Learning from disarray under Covid-19 and ‘building back better’?

Conveners: Wolfson College South Asia Research Cluster (SARC)

Speakers: Dr Abhay Shukla (SATHI, Pune); Dr Satarupa Bandyopadhyay (Bethune College, Calcutta University)

Moderator: Dr Kasturi Sen (Wolfson MCR and SARC member)


Now rescheduled to Tuesday, 23 November 12:30-2:00pm


Two Indian public health experts discuss structural flaws in India’s private-public health system revealed by the covid pandemic and the pandemic response. They debate the question whether covid-19 may also be viewed as a historic opportunity for re-imagining public engagement and building universal health-care with a variety of providers.



Dr Abhay Shukla is a public health physician and senior scientist at SATHI, Pune, and the lead author of India’s Patient Rights Charter and author of Dissenting Diagnosis, Penguin; Health system in India – Crisis and Alternatives, among many publications. Dr Shukla will utilize the Maharashtra experience.




Dr Satarupa Bandyopadhyay Associate Professor of Economics, Bethune College (Calcutta University) is a health systems researcher focussed on health policy, on access to public hospitals and hospital efficiency. With several papers in the International Journal of Health Planning and Management, among others, Dr Bandyopadhyay will utilize the West Bengal experience.


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